Like most GAA players, you probably thought that you'd be playing the sport you love for decades to come. Then all of a sudden you felt a twinge, or heard a pop, and knew that this wasn't something you could just "walk off". Maybe this has happened to you already, or maybe you can feel it coming. You've started feeling the pace of the game more than ever before, your jersey is feeling a lot tighter, and your muscles now ache for days after a match.

Of course, not everyone plays GAA. Regardless of what sport you were involved with, you probably experienced injuries, niggles or maybe felt limited by your age. Becoming leaner, stronger  and injury free will allow you to enjoy and play sport and enjoy everyday life.

Our gym is home to some of the best coaches in Northern Ireland

Hi I'm Oliver Cummings, owner of The Gym at Maghera

I've been where you are now. I was a Gaelic footballer for years, and loved every minute of it. Right up until injuries and constant pain started to impact on the sport I loved. I know the frustration of constant injuries keeping you on the sidelines for weeks on end. Watching your team struggle while you nurse another small niggle that you pray isn't more serious.

I remember thinking to myself "When do I just quit and put an end to it all?"

I can't say that this was the moment that I decided to run my own personal training gym. Life rarely works out that way. I was already completing my degree at this point, and learning everything there was to know about strength & conditioning.

But memories of frustrating injury after frustrating injury has clearly influenced my career. I am now a 17 year veteran of personal training. Coaching hundreds and hundreds of clients. Making (and learning from) every mistake in the book.

I competed in raw powerlifting under 90kg category and strongman. In doing this I achieved, silver representing Ireland in the World GPC Championships in 2011 and the team I helped to train also came in with two silver medals overall in their weight category, and third in N.Ireland u-90kg Strongest Man Final 2013.

Constantly improving my skills, and learning all that I can. Creating a gym that I believe is the best at what it does. Helping people protect themselves from injury, helping people to recover from injury, and helping people to build a fitter, stronger, and (let's be honest here) sexier physique.

The Gym at Maghera is Built on Results

This gym would never have existed if myself and my fellow coaches couldn't get our clients amazing results. Over the years, we have continually looked to improve ourselves and our coaching practices. Here are four reasons why you'll get better results with us than anywhere else:

  • Continued Education

I'm 17 years into my career and still I go on courses, take exams, and look for ways to improve my coaching. I have invested in my education since 2003 traveling the world to study and intern with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches, sports medicine doctors, and rehab specialists.

I am currently studying with Dr Guy Voyer from France, as part of a 7 year training and therapy programme for injuries. I am qualified to teach the ELDOA method for treating back pain. I completed one year of Osteo-Articular Joint Pumping for the lower and upper body and spine. I am qualified in Be-Activation Method and Remedial Massage.

It's not just us coaches who benefit from continued education, our clients also benefit. Not just from the improved training programs and results, but they also learn about nutrition and fitness as they train.

  • Accountability

Failing to keep yourself accountable is one of the biggest reasons why clients fail, so our gym philosophy is to use our community and ourselves to hold you accountable. This has worked wonders for our current client base. Our clients rarely cancel a session, because they know they have a team of people supporting and relying on them to be there each week.

  • ​Experience

Let me tell you this, it is rare for a trainer to have more than 3 years experience in most gyms. Having 17 years of experience as a personal trainer gives The Gym an advantage over any other gym. This experience means that we have seen pretty much everything there is to see. Which has helped our coaches to devise methods to get results out of absolutely any client.

  • ​Results Driven

Having worked with multiple elite athletes, as well as hundreds of regular members of the public we know the importance of getting results. While we're a friendly and welcoming bunch, we're also very aware of why people sign up for personal training or small-group training. We are here to help you get the results you wanted. Elite athletes don't train with us because we're friendly, they work with us to prolong their careers and help give them an advantage over the competition. If you want real results, then joining The Gym is the only answer.


Success Stories

Aaron Branagan

I first met Ollie in November 2018 and I can honestly say from that day on everything I thought I knew in terms of S&C was flipped on its head for me. The majority of the information I was taught, or learned over the years was 

probably causing me more harm than good and thankfully Ollie was able to explain this to me.

I had been suffering from hamstring injuries for the past 4-5 years and had missed out on some crucial games due to this injury. I thought I was leaving no stone unturned with everything I was implementing in terms of my training but nothing seemed to be working. It was only until I meet Ollie that my whole prehab & gym training was taken to a new level. Each segment of the body was broken down to the finest margin, my foot, knee, ankle, hip complex were all inspected thoroughly and thankfully Ollie was able to show me that injuries quite often occur through a weak link somewhere else in the chain, whilst I had previously been told to concentrate solely on my hamstring.

This new approach to gym work alongside the manual therapy and hands on therapy that Ollie provided enhanced my recovery and readiness to play to different heights and I would travel home from his gym in Maghera or home in Limavady feeling like a new man.

The myofascial and eldoa stretches that Ollie is a practioner in were game changers for our club as a whole. This reduced our injury rates lower than they’d ever been, during a season that was the longest we have ever been part of.

Fast forward one year since Ollie has been providing support, I thankfully had the opportunity to play in an All Ireland final. I never missed a game due to an injury from the first round of the Down championship right through to the All Ireland final! No missed games because of an injury for a first in my 10 year career at senior football! I solely put this down to Ollie asssiting me with my gym training, the manual therapy work and guidance of nutritional strategies which all enhanced my recovery.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great S&C coaches over the years but I can safely say Ollie is on a different level to anyone I’ve met- his expertise is second to none! I’ll always be grateful for everything he’s taught me along the way!

Neil McManus 

"Training with Ollie at The Gym at Maghera.

When my club Cushendall Ruairi Og won the Ulster Senior Hurling title in October 2015 we decided that nothing short of reaching the All Ireland Final on St Patrick's Day would suffice.

Our first port of call was to recruit a Strength & Conditioning Coach to manage our training load, instruct our team through collective gym sessions and devise pitch based fitness systems training.

I had talked to many people who are clued into the Strength & Conditioning scene throughout Ireland (not the gimmicks) and was repeatedly told that the most qualified, practical & passionate person possible for this role was operating The Gym just outside Maghera.

Oliver came to Cushendall to meet our management team, Chairman and a few senior players. He was diligent. He wanted to know our goals and what physical level our players were currently at. We knew immediately we had struck gold and found our man. The regard Oliver is held in was justified!

I will never forget our first night in Maghera training under the tutelage of Oliver Cummings. Everything was organised, our programs were handed out & explained. Each work station and rack were already set up by Oliver and his assistant. The reason why we were completing each exercise along with the necessary form were explained and demonstrated.

We worked hard, we worked damn hard! It was so enjoyable. The first session was complete in the blink of an eye. By the time we had reached home the group set up for Oliver to communicate with our players had already been updated with two stretching/mobility sessions to be carried out individually along with a nutritional information pack. Some players had individual programmes for nutrition and training when Oliver felt it was required. The difference in body shape of our team and especially those who required the individual plans was noticed within weeks!

After our 12 week programme that brought us to the All Ireland Semi Final against Sarsfields of Galway was complete we had transformed into a different animal. Our flexibility, strength, speed & power had all improved significantly! What a combination! We blew Sarsfields away with our physicality and athleticism. Oliver played a major role in Cushendalls first ever All Iteland Club Final appearance. It cannot be understated.

I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Oliver and his team to any sports team or individual. His facility is top class and his knowledge in this area is unsurpassed on this island and no doubt further afield. Oliver lives to see improvement in athletes. He cares about his athletes achieving their goals and Cushendall is testimony to this. He will tailor plans for practicality always! Simple approach is always preferred.

I as an athlete am extremely grateful to have trained under Oliver Cummings and am grateful to him for continually going above and beyond the call of duty for me and my team mates."


"I started with the The Gym At Maghera just over a year and a half now and haven't looked back since. A few years previous to training here with Ollie and his coaching team I had been with a few different Strength and Conditioning coaches

and to be honest I never really seemed to be noticing any changes or improvements in myself so I didn't see the point in it. When speaking to other players at that time Ollie's name kept cropping up so I decided to contact him and seek his advice on what I could do to get to the next level and what I wanted to improve me as a GAA player. Ollie straight away got back in contact with me to see what my goals were and to arrange a consultation. After the consultation and an assessment, I soon realised I had a lot to work to do to get where I wanted to be physically. I decided to start the 'Small Group Personal Training' sessions and so Ollie and his team took me through my programs and demonstrated everything to me and in a relatively short period of time I started to see immediate changes. After a few months of training the difference in Speed, Power, and Strength was unbelievable to say the least. Ollie's knowledge is second to none within training methods and nutrition, there really is nothing the man doesn't know. I can’t recommend the gym highly enough with Ollie and the team he has are top notch. If you are wanting to get to the next level and step it up a gear there is no place better than The Gym At Maghera.

Shane McGuigan

Honestly Ollie, it was the best decision I have ever made joining the gym, in terms of my sporting career. I feel every physical aspect of my body improved drastically; from my speed, to my strength, to my flexibility, everything!!

​The main thing I was worried about coming into the gym was if I was going to be any good at the activities and if my body would be able to complete them, but you and the team took me step by step through each activity to help me perfect the exercise, and then gradually progressed me through heavier weights and different exercises. Prior to joining the gym I could do 0 chin ups and now I feel confident to do multiple sets of weighted chin ups. Squats, bench presses, deadlifts have all increased dramtically. The main reason why I believe this was the best decision I made was because I now even enjoy going to your gym, it's not just about the lifting weights and all the other aspects of the programme, it’s the good craic that everyone has in the gym. Everyone who trains in this gym are good people and I enjoy meeting the different people from both sporting and non-sporting backgrounds and interacting with them. Never once did I feel out of place in the gym as there was always someone to talk to or help me with any exercise. I seriously couldn't recommend anyone more for gym training purposes."

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