Are You Ready to Wave Goodbye to Pain?

The Gym at Maghera is here to help you

Using the latest strength & conditioning techniques, and drawing from over 17 years of experience in the industry, our coaching is second to none. Sessions are challenging, enjoyable, and most importantly they are designed to get you superior results.

Whether you choose small group PT, or large group sessions (or a combination of the two) you will benefit from comprehensive help covering diet, rehab, mobility, strength, and weight management.

Our Services

  • ​Small Group Personal Training

Train with our experienced coaches in groups of between four and eight, with a maximum of 10 people during our busiest hours. These small group sessions will provide you with an excellent environment to push yourself, while you still benefit from our coaches' experience and teaching. These small groups create an incredible atmosphere, and will help you stay motivated and energised throughout.

  • ​Large Group Muscle Camp

We also offer larger group sessions, these are a lot of fun. With an incredible energy throughout each session. You'll still benefit from careful instruction of each exercise, and our coaches will ensure that you are doing every exercise correctly. The nutritional advice that accompanies these camps will go a long way to improving your health and your physique. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Fit Enough for Group Training?

This is a common, and understandable question. Particularly after we've spent so long talking about how good we are at creating amazingly fit clients! The thing is, almost every client we've had started off where you are now. Our business would not work if unfit people couldn't benefit from our sessions. Group training is designed so that people of all different fitness levels can exercise together. Whether that means using less weight, or performing fewer reps, or swapping a challenging exercise for a less challenging exercise, everyone can participate and get amazing results. 

What is the Assessment Process Like?

This partly depends on why you have come to us. If you are injured then we will perform a musculoskeletal assessment of your joints, ligaments, and muscles. This is obviously not necessary if you are not in pain or injured. A normal assessment will involve us taking measurements and outlining your goals. We will discuss how best for you to achieve your goals, and go into detail about what our sessions entail.

We also perform a physical assessment, to see how capable you are at performing certain exercises. If your form is correct or needs adjusting, and whether you have the necessary mobility for each exercise. This will help us to tailor our sessions to you.

Is your Muscle Camp like a Bootcamp?

If you mean do we shout at you like something out of Full Metal Jacket? Then no! Our coaches are encouraging, we will aim to lift you up rather than tear you down. Will we shout words of encouragement? Yes, if we think you need it! But most people do not enjoy being yelled at like naughty children. We're here to coach you, not scream at you. Training with a group of people who all want the same thing as you is motivation enough for you to work hard. 

How Much do you Charge?

We have a range of different options that can suit most budgets. Our muscle camps are £89 per month, whereas our small group PT sessions cost £149 for four sessions, £199 for eight sessions, or £229 for twelve sessions. 


Orla Donnelly

"Final morning weigh in, photos taken and I can honestly say I have never felt better IN MY LIFE!!
Yes your body improves and looks a lot better (a hell of a lot better), but it is definitely not JUST your change in body shape that gives this FEELING!!!

The feeling of accomplishing a goal you only ever dreamed of - surpassing all your expectations - feeling unreal- looking even better - going shopping knowing that everything will ease past the hips and button with room to spare - all of it.
I can’t stress enough that the outside picture is not just the RESULT - although it is great to see - the FEELING INSIDE is so MUCH MORE!!!!!! Today I feel I really have achieved something! 
I feel healthier than I have ever done so before. 
I feel fitter than ever before. 
I feel knowledgeable. 
I feel totally in CONTROL. 
Most start this journey because of a photo!
I did......Having now travelled the journey I have found out a lot more about myself in all parts of my life and received more than I ever expected! 
The common goal of everyone, the support, friendship, encouragement - I honestly can’t thank everyone involved enough.
THE Gym at Maghera who organised, taught, coordinated, delivered, educated, motivated, gently drove the process forward at each person’s own pace......the list goes on.......there are simply NO WORDS........I will forever feel INDEBTED - and certainly will never leave this place or experience behind me!!!
Thank you 
This has genuinely been one of the best things I have ever done!!

DYLAN McCullagh

Before starting The Gym at Maghera, I was going to local gym classes in Draperstown religiously, but unfortunately I was going nowhere due to the lack of knowledge I had on nutrition.

I had never been a big eater, but I was very complacent in terms of meals which were always sandwiches with junk food mixed in with sitting at a desk in an office job which was never going to end well. I first came across Ollie’s Gym via a sponsored Facebook video and realised that I would love to do what the guys were doing in the video. However, when I started with Ollie back in September 2015, I was weighing in at 116kg (18 Stone, 2lbs) at 20 years of age, wearing XL T Shirts and size 38 jeans, which meant that I had my work cut out for me.

At the start of September, I had decided to bite the bullet and message The Gym at Maghera to see if they had any places left in their Large Group Muscle Camp sessions. Fortunately for me Ollie had invited me to join the session on Monday. At this point, it was very daunting going into the gym by myself as I hadn’t known anyone that used the gym, but I was so driven to change my lifestyle that I decided to go ahead and start training properly anyhow. I remember coming into the gym and being greeted by Ollie and we went over what each of the 4 weeks would involve and what exercises I would be doing at each class. On the first week I can remember 2 of the thickest green elastic bands ever to assist me with chin ups and Ollie making sure I didn’t pass out after a Friday’s training session!

Within the first month I had attended one of Ollie’s Nutrition Seminars, which I have to give credit to Ollie and his team as it was an eye opener for me and has been the back bone of my training with The Gym at Maghera. I had gone from eating 10 slices of bread mixed in with a lot of other bad foods to trying eggs for the first time and numerous vegetables. I am at a point that it would probably work out cheaper keeping my own hens! I had even started taking Turkey eggs due to them having 3 times the amount of protein in comparison to hen eggs which Ollie can vouch for, as he had starting using them as well.

From starting in September 2015, my health has come on leaps and bounds as I am now down to 81kgs (12 stone 8 pounds) from 116.2kg which I would have never achieved without the help of Ollie, Gavin and Orla. I have never been as fit in my life, as I am now. I have gone on to run a 10k mud obstacle run over the summer and I am fit to do 10 reps of non-assisted chin ups with the help and motivation from Ollie and Gavin. My strength has improved massively and I now enjoy trying to better myself at compound lifts such as deadlifts, squats, push press and bench press.

To sum up, The Gym at Maghera has changed my life and the way I think about food and exercise for the better and I couldn’t recommend Ollie and his team enough. Their motivation levels and wealth of knowledge are second to none. My Dad and a few friends have joined The Gym after seeing the improvements it made to my health, at which they are now making massive improvements to their health and wellbeing. The most difficult thing about the journey, was starting it and I can honestly say you would not regret joining The Gym at Maghera.

​James Stewart

Before training with The Gym at Maghera, I had tried a few different gyms, with different training partners and different 'diets'. Nothing ever really changed, even over 2-3 years of getting 3,4,5 even 6 workouts done a week.

​Sure I got stronger, I filled my t-shirts better, but my body composition was terrible looking! I has always had an idea of what 'athletic' looked like in my head, and no matter what, I could never even partially progress there. I was a little unsure of going to see a Personal Trainer, due to my actual lack of knowledge and success in the gym. But after my initial consultation with Ollie, those feelings were gone. Immediately, it was apparent how extensive his knowledge was. He was a complete gentleman, he made me feel right at home, and was full of help and advice. The coaching staff of Ollie, Gavin and Orla immediately taught proper form in my exercises, how to eat properly and well, all the information (and more) required to take my health and fitness journey and actually make a change to myself. Now I couldn't be happier. I love the changes I have seen in myself, both physically and mentally. I have so much more understanding of why I'm doing what I do during my workouts, my form is so much better, injury rates are down to basically none existent, and the nutritional information I have gained keeps me on the right track and focus. I genuinely couldn't recommend Ollie and The Gym At Maghera enough. An amazing setup, with a fountain of knowledge, and a no-crap approach to everything.